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How to build a new house on a budget

Jul , 2
How to build a new house on a budget


This blog is in relation to how to build a new house on a budget.

There are many factors at play to achieve your dream home on a budget.

Firstly, you need to have a suitable piece of land that has planning permission or a pre-application in place for erecting a dwelling. Before purchasing land, it is imperative that you take advice from a professional architectural practice.

You can then start to design your dream home.You may know what you would like from your new home, i.e. the number of bedrooms, how big you want your kitchen, the primary layout. You may not have an idea what you want, either way, it is important that you get good CAD drawings done. These drawings will ultimately allow you to get planning permission and secondly prove very important when getting quotes off builders for your new home.

Builders generally work off a price per square metre so the bigger you want your new house, usually you will pay more money however there are ways to reduce your cost down.The materials you use can make a big impact. If you are willing to be labourer or project manager whilst your house is being built, then you can make savings, providing you find a builder that will work with you, you may be able to knock thousands off your bill.

If the land you have chosen is connected to mains drainage, has water, electricity and gas supplies in close proximity, this will all help. If you cannot connect to mains drainage then you will need to factor in for a septic tank and you will need a big enough garden to cater for this. If you don’t have gas, then you may have to pay for renewable technology in order to heat your home.

Instructing an experienced architect or architectural designer will help you come up with designs that are within your budget.