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Permitted Development | Loft Conversion

Sep , 3
Permitted Development | Loft Conversion



Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion? 

By extending your home by means of a loft conversion can give you that extra space you need rather than moving home. Dormers come in several shapes and sizes and can go on the rear, sides or front; when placed on the front of a property planning is more likely required. This blog will help guide you on whether planning maybe needed for your dormer.


When planning permission is not needed

The majority of loft conversions do not require planning permission particularly if you are thinking of the typical design of a dormer.

This is known as ‘room in roof’ and this type is very common; people choose this option more than others as planning is not needed and do not have the need for structural alterations.


When planning permission is needed

As mentioned the majority of loft conversions do not require you to apply for planning however there are some that definitely need you to apply. This involves loft conversions which are:

1.    Terrace houses and the extra roof space is over 40 cubic meters

2.    Detached or semi-detached houses and the extra roof space is over 50 cubic meters

3.    Extend/go beyond the existing roof slope of the main elevation

4.    Higher than the highest part of the roof

5.    Materials used do not match the materials used on the existing property

6.    Additions such as balconies or platforms

7.    If the property is set within a conservation area or sites of recognized natural beauty


If you are not certain if planning permission is needed for your loft conversion call an expert to give you advice or speak with your local planning department who will guide you. It is important to make sure you apply for planning if it is needed for you loft conversion as if you do not it can result in fines and a penalty which will be removal of the use of the non-approved building works. Hopefully this has helped give you a better understanding on planning permission regarding loft conversions. Please feel free to call us if you need any advice, we will help give you that extra space needed for your family. SJR Architecture based in Preston work all over the North West and would be happy to help you obtaining planning permission if needed.