Planning an Extension or New Build in a Conservation Area?

Are you looking to extend your home or even build a new one on a plot of land located in a Conservation Area? Well, you must be aware of an unclear snag somewhere along the planning process and if so this blog may be of interest to you. Planning a home extension in a Conservation area does not need to be stressful or feel like a negative experience, it should actually feel the opposite and will help enhance your home and its features even if there is an Article 4 Direction invoked.

Article 4 Direction Explained

Some planning authorities invoke an Article 4 Direction to stop minor works/alterations being carried out which would normally be allowed under Permitted Development rights even in a Conservation Area. These sorts of development are targeted to specific streets or even certain houses. If you are wanting to extend your home ad your home is prohibited by an Article 4, you will need to apply for planning permission.

Usually, Article 4 Direction deal with changing the colour of your front door for example, not allowing satellite dishes, and alterations to gardens so its worth checking with the Local Council any works you wish to carry out and they can advise you. If you are wanting to extend your home speak with a local Architect or Planning Consultant and they can give you tips on designing your home/extension in a Conservation Area.

  • Advice for Designing in a Conservation Area Use your surrounding and notice what materials are in use already. Try to use these materials in your extension. Or try to copy the landscape with the architectural form of the build.
  • Early engagement is very important with the planning officer and also the parish council. Try and engage with your neighbours and attend relevant parish council meetings.
  • Presentation is vital. It is important that the application is brought to the council in a clear and precise way. Use 3D modelling to allow the officer to really get a feel of the extension.
  • Look to enhance what is in there already. The design is crucial so show the scheme in a way that enhances the surrounding area. If you are building a new build possibly look into created a physical model to allow the council a chance to really visualise it I the way you want.
  • Encourage your designer to focus on the area around your property. Materials are crucial so on the application make it clear that local building styles have been looked into as well as the landscaping features.
  • Apply for pre-app advice as the scheme will be scrutinised more than a normal application.

Permitted Development in Conservation Areas

PD rights still exists in Conservation Areas however, the rules are condensed in some cases. Planning permission is required if you are wanting to extend any more than a single storey rear extension of no more than 3m or 4m for a detached property. Two storey or side extensions are excluded from PD rights in a Conservation Area.

If your thinking of possibly extending your home and you live in a conservation area contact SJR Architecture now and we can advise on the the best solution.